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Compelling Reasons To Consider Room Darkening Blinds

Benefits Of Patio Blinds
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  • September 30, 2017 | News

Have you ever considered using room darkening blinds?

You may have dismissed the idea of buying this type of blinds simply because they sound like a gimmick. After all, other types of blinds can also help in darkening a room. However, it’s important to realize that this product is specifically made for this purpose. It works much more effectively in keeping light away from the room while offering additional benefits provided by other blinds. Keep reading to learn why you should start using room darkening blinds.



One of the biggest advantages to using room darkening blinds is that you can get a good night’s sleep.

It might sound funny that being able to sleep soundly for eight full hours each and every night lies on the effectiveness of your window blinds. However, countless experts agree that this little change can have a drastic effect on your sleeping habits. This is particularly true if you live in an area where there are plenty of lights, especially when there is a post standing directly in front of your window. It can prove annoying to have light always shine through into your room.

As you may know, it’s difficult to get to sleep when the room isn’t completely dark.

Even if you are dead tired after work, you might find yourself still wide awake in the middle of the night. Before you know it, you only have a few hours left before you need to get back up again. By using room darkening blinds, you can say goodbye to this dilemma. It effectively blocks light from penetrating your room thanks to the special material from which it is made.

It’s worth noting that other than enjoying the benefit of staying in a dark room, this type of blinds also offers other advantages. For one, most manufacturers these days produce energy efficient blinds. Using special material, the blinds can offer sufficient insulation for your room. The air gets trapped in the material, not allowing it to escape. This means that it can trap heat inside your room, so your heater does not have to kick in as often as it normally does. This can translate to hundreds worth of dollars in savings by the end of the year.

There are also a lot of designs to choose from.

You can easily find the one that matches the overall style and decor of your interiors. Whether you want a sleek look or something bold, you can surely find something that matches your taste.

Additionally, some room darkening blinds come with extra features. For instance, you can get motorized blinds that enable you to raise or lower by just flipping a switch. You can also get cordless blinds so you don’t have to deal with any dangling strings.

These are just some of the best reasons to use room darkening blinds. Aside from helping you enjoy a good night’s sleep, this product can also lower your energy consumption while adding to the overall appeal of your room.

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What You Need To Know About Roman Blinds

What You Need To Know About Roman Blinds
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  • September 26, 2017 | News

Roman blinds are definitely a stylish and modern way in which to dress your windows with sophisticated and clean lines.

You can use these blinds as standalone window treatments inside or outside the recess of a window. Or you can combine the blinds with curtains to provide the windows with layered looks.

Feel And Look

Roman Blinds will hang flat against your windows when they are in a lowered position. You raise these blinds by using draw strings that are controlled by a chain sidewinder or cord-pull that will be attached to bars that have been inserted inside the blind. This is what forms the straight-stepped folds when the blinds are raised. The depths of the folds will be in proportion with the overall drop that is required and typically the minimum stack-drop will be around 12″.

Finishes And Linings

When choosing your roman blinds you have the options of a blackout, thermal or standard lining. When available you can also choose from contrast borders which will be added onto the bottom of these blinds.

Roman Blind Tips

Installing Roman Blinds takes some care. If possible once hung, your roman blinds must remain in the up-position in order for the fabric to mold to the folds. It is important to know that dependent on the fabrics crease resistance, a few days or weeks after you have installed these blinds you might have to manipulate the blinds fabric into neater folds. This will involve pulling the fabric forward at each of the folds when you raise the blinds.

Keep in mind that Roman Blinds are constructed out of thread and fabric and must be handled with care. Avoid tugging at the blinds as this can result in broken threads and will shorten the lifespan of your blinds. When you raise your blinds push them upwards gently with one hand. You should also pull downwards from the “pull” and avoid using the cord above this to make sure you achieve an even level.

The traditional types of cord mechanisms can become tangled as time goes by when you neglect how you handle the cords. However, you can easily entangle the cords with a bit of patience and time and when the cords break or become worn you are able to replace them. If you have found that cord systems are complex to operate, there is the option of the chain operated systems which provides an easier function and will also offer a way to pull your blinds up straight with each use.

The chains will typically hang on one side of the blinds and usually come in chrome or white.

The roman blinds on the traditional batten and cord mechanisms are easy to update to a chain system. Today you can also take advantage of the motorized options, but keep in mind that this feature adds in considerable costs. There are still many homeowners that prefer the traditional systems from the older properties due to the fact that are more discreet compared to having chains that you are unable to tie-up to fixed cleats.

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Advantages Of Roller Blinds

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  • September 22, 2017 | News

Do you want window treatments that will easily accentuate your decorations and the style that you have in your room? You don’t have to buy curtains that are very difficult to maintain because you have to bring them to the laundry often. Because there are simple yet elegant blinds that will help you achieve the vibe that you want for your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen. Roller shades or blinds might now look like your usual blinds, but they are simpler to use and more stylish.

Why Buy Roller Blinds?

1. Unlike most blinds that will require you to deal with annoying chords and slats, roller blinds are neat and more practical. Luxurious and modern homes often use roller blinds because it has a sophisticated design that goes with their style. While curtains have more fun designs, they may be too old fashioned now and having something that is neat and simple like roller blinds might be the one for your new room or home.

2. Roller shades also work just like any other window treatment. It provides you with good lighting options and of course, privacy when you need it. Blind manufacturers found a way to create roller shades that would protect you from too much light. Now, you can control how much UV rays can get in so you won’t have to endure too much heat coming from your window.

You can choose from different kinds of fabrics and they would all have various uses for you too. You can choose light fabric materials for heat management and darker fabrics if you want to reduce the glare.

3. Maintenance for this kind of window treatment is also minimal. So if you’re the kind of person who is always on the go, then roller shades are for you. You can choose from a lot of colors and designs that will suit your room’s design. Don’t be afraid to get creative and adventurous when choosing your shade.

Curtains Or Roller Blinds

Curtains are fabrics that you can hang on your window so you’ll have privacy and you can easily control the amount of light coming in your room. While roller blinds are much simpler. You can categorize this kind of blind into two; soft blinds and hard blinds. You can easily make soft blinds using fabrics that you like while hard blinds are specially manufactured. Unlike curtains, blinds consume less space because the size is enough to fit in your window without the need for extra spaces.

So which one should you choose? Curtains or roller blinds? In choosing the right window treatment for your home, you have to consider a lot of factors like the design or the vibe that you want to have in your home. If you want something modern and stylish, go for roller blinds, but if you don’t mind washing curtains twice a month, then you can choose curtains instead. But whichever you choose, the most important thing is that it will be useful for you and it would be able to go with the decorations that you have in your room.

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Tip When Buying Roll Up Blinds

Tip When Buying Roll Up Blinds
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  • September 16, 2017 | News

Roll up blinds have slates meant to prevent too much sunlight from getting in a room, though they can also be used for privacy reasons. The blinds are made of plastic, wooden, fabric, or metal slates thus offering a bounty of choices to suit different tastes and preferences.

What To Know About Roll Up Blinds

Metallic and plastic roll up blinds are an excellent choice for the outdoor. They have an excellent weather resistance and are very durable. Some wooden blinds such as those made of bamboo can also be a good choice for the outdoors such as the patio.

They are opaque thus will block out light from entering into a room, which can be managed using a string or cord to change the level of the slates for the desired amount of light they want. Roll up blinds made from thin wooden slates and those made of fabric are suitable for indoor use. Some can be translucent, allowing some light through but obscuring the view thus offering adequate privacy.

The blinds can have the slates done vertically or horizontally the latter often referred to as Venetian blinds. While both are not hard to clean and maintain, the vertical roll up blinds are a top choice for many since they are easier to clean compared to their horizontal counterparts.

How To Make The Right Choice

Know What You Want –

The market is awash with different type of roll up blinds thus availing many options to suit different tastes and preferences. Know about the materials used and how to clean and maintain the blinds. Also, check the loop and cord construction of the blinds to ensure that you are buying products that are safe for you even around children. Some brands are known to have recalled their products that were found to pose the risk of strangulation.

Lighting –

The two primary functions of blinds are to manage the lighting of a room and to provide privacy. While privacy is achievable through the use of opaque or translucent roll up blinds, choosing between the two will be influenced by the amount of light you want the blinds to allow in when completely closed. Consider the level of opacity since some blind may also be too translucent such that they fail to offer adequate privacy.

Energy Efficiency –

Most blinds are made from energy efficient synthetic materials that can help to regulate the temperatures in a room as well as to diffuse light. Buying such roll up blinds as a wise investment since you can save on heating and cooling thus lowering your utility costs. Moreover, these energy efficient blinds also have the capacity to shield people from the harmful UV rays from the sunlight.

Durability And Maintenance –

Issues of durability and maintenance hugely depend on the type of materials used to construct the products. Metal and plastic blinds are considered to be highly durable but the wooden and fabric ones can also offer an excellent service for a long time. Cleaning roll up blinds is often easier when done using feather dusters and a damp cloth though working on the vertical blinds is much easier than on the horizontal ones.

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Everything You Need To Know About Plantation Blinds

Everything You Need To Know About Plantation Blinds
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  • September 9, 2017 | News

Plantation Blinds which also go by the name of Plantation Shutters are constructed out of wood-plank levers which are affixed to frames which are secured onto window frames. They are available in a number of designs. An example of this is that a few are available with frames that hold the shutters in an open position, while there are other types which resemble doors.

The History Behind The Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters were first used in the era of the 1800’s in cotton plantations in the South. These shutters originated from ancient Greece. These original shutters were first made out of stone or marble. Plantation shutters were designed mainly to offer ventilation, light-control and protection.

The modern shutters of today have undergone significant changes as they now offer light control along with the use of decorative purposes.

Venetian Blinds Versus Plantation Shutters

There are many people who do not know the differences between these types of blinds. However there are a variety of differences. The Plantation Shutters feature wider louvers when you compare them to the standard type of venetian blinds. These blinds also operate in a very different manner. For example, adjustment rods which are what handle the angles of the slats will hang on the left hand side of the blinds such as the venetian. On the plantation blinds, you are able to adjust the angles of these wide planks using the tilt rod, which is attached to each of the individual shutters. This rod is typically found at the back or front of this shutter. This is what ensures that each of the shutters will open up equally simultaneously.

Your Guide To Buying Plantation Shutters

Today there are a variety of manufacturers that sell plantation blinds. You will also find that these blinds will vary in price from one supplier to the next. Before you decide to invest in plantation blinds, avoid the blinds that are really cheap as it usually means that they have been constructed out of materials that are inferior. This generally means that they will not have a very long lifespan.

Similar to the fact that these shutters come from a variety of manufacturers, they are also available in a variety of designs. An example of this are the types that make use of staples that fix the tilt rods to the louvers. Other types do not feature rods. It is advisable to avoid the shutters that have rods that are loose as the rods can easily come-off when they are in use frequently.

Similar to purchasing any other products, you need to find out about the warranty. Studies have proven that the items that feature warranties typically last a lot longer than products without. For this reason invest in the plantation shutter types that come with a warranty.

Plantation shutters can really give your home a stylish, modern and sophisticated look. It is important when purchasing plantation blinds that you have them installed by professionals in this field.

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Benefits Of Patio Blinds

Benefits Of Patio Blinds
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  • September 5, 2017 | News

Patios are the best places to entertain your guests

The main goal of installing a patio is to welcome your visitors and provide a comfortable and convenient environment for them to relax and enjoy. But if your guests are sprayed with wet splashes of rain and the harmful rays of the sun, they will not enjoy the stay in the patio. That’s where patio blinds come in handy. With the latest patio blinds, you can enjoy the comfortable stay in the patio without the harsh elements of the environment. Other than, helping your guests relax and enjoy in the patio, patio blinds have numerous other advantages to offer. Here are some of the major benefits of patio blinds.

Blinds can protect the patio from the harsh elements of the weather.

This will help provide a comfortable and relaxing place for your guests and prolong the lifespan of the patio at the same time. In fact, the latest blinds can offer acoustic insulation which will cover you from being distracted due to outside noises. You have the option to choose from the numerous styles of patio blinds on the market today. Picking the right product will help enhance the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your home.

Today’s outdoor blinds blend seemingly with any setting

You can choose the styles and colors that would enhance the architecture of the area. Whether you require motorized or manual blinds, you have the choice to pick the right product depending on your budget and personal requirements. That is why you need to invest in patio blinds to protect your patio and help your guests enjoy their stay outdoors. Ease of use is another advantage of outdoor blinds. They can be retractable, shuttered, roller style or fixed. Strong materials like PVC and canvas are used for these blinds. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of patio blinds. Install patio blinds and create an environment that you can enjoy all year round.

Shopping for the best patio blinds is important when investing in these products

With so many types of patio blinds on the market, how will you choose the right product? That’s where you have to do the homework properly when picking the right product on the market. The Internet is a good place to start your search in this regard. Make sure you look for the right product at the right price when investing in patio blinds. That way you can save your time and money in the process.

Patio blinds have become quite popular in this day and age

Most homeowners have come to understand the benefits of investing in these blinds due to the numerous advantages offered by them. Patio blinds will protect your patio and prolong its lifespan while making your guests comfortable. Your guests will enjoy their stay in the patio. That is why you need to invest in the right patio blinds for your patio. The above read offers information on the advantages of patio blinds.

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Advantages Of Skylight Blinds

Advantages Of Skylight Blinds
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  • September 1, 2017 | News

Letting natural light into your room can give you a lot of benefits

You can save a lot of money from expensive electricity bills Because having a good amount of natural light will lessen your use of fluorescent lamps or other lighting materials. Skylight blinds are unique and has useful features that you can add into your home, however, without the right blinds for this kind of feature Your house might get too much heat from the sun.

Luckily there are Skylight blinds that can help you with your problem

This kind of shades can give you a lot of benefits and is a practical solution if you want to make your home more comfortable for everyone. Be a smart homeowner by installing Skylight Shades at home. This just might just be one of the best purchases that you’ll make today, so know the advantages of having one.

Less Heat

Yes, skylights can give your house good lighting conditions. However, on sunny days the heat coming from the Sun may be unbearable for you and your family. if you want to reduce the Heat and the glare that is coming into your living space installing Skylight Shades or blinds can greatly help you with your problem. This kind of shades can block up to 90% of UV rays and solar heat.

Reduces Fading

Protecting your furniture’s and your carpeting is also important. You might notice that as time goes by some of your Furniture’s paint are slowly fading. This might be because of too much sunlight that is coming in from your skylights. Replacing your furniture and your carpeting is very expensive which is why It is now time to take action and protect the rest of your furniture from too much sunlight and heat by purchasing Skylight blinds or shades. buying new furniture for your house is more expensive than buying Skylight blinds.


If you were worried about the cold seasons, don’t be. because Skylight blinds can be easily removed from your skylights. when the cold season comes you can still take advantage of the solar warming without damaging your Skylight blinds or your Skylight window. now you have two options for your home.

Outward Visibility

They want to enjoy the view outside while lying or while relaxing at home? Don’t worry because you will still enjoy the view even with skylight blinds. You can stargaze or just look at the pale blue sky while enjoying your time at home.

Easy Installation

You also won’t have to worry about the installation because it is super easy to install. If you are not good with installations, you can ask an expert to do it for you, and it will be installed in no time.

Having skylights at home allows you to have great lighting conditions at home. People who love looking at the sky also enjoys having skylights. However, to protect your home from too much heat and UV rays, then installing skylight blinds is a must. Not only will you be having just enough heat but you’ll also get to protect your furniture and fixtures at home.

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Gorgeous Motorized Blinds

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  • August 27, 2017 | News

Thinking about going out and purchasing blinds for your house?

A few options are available on the market, and each one has something unique to offer. Property owners who want an automated solution will know the validity of motorized blinds and what they bring to the table. These are resolute blinds that can handle anything and will look aesthetic in all situations.

Here is more on why these motorized blinds are the way to go for property owners who want something special for their setup.

Seamless Movement

It all starts with the blinds and their movement. How well do the blinds move when it comes to filtering light? Does it take long for them to kick into action?

No, these blinds are robust, easy to use and work well in all situations.

Those who are particular about how the movement is and whether the blinds can handle their needs will know these are the best solution on the market. These motorized blinds can handle rigorous use without breaking down and are going to move without damaging anything or being out of proportion.

Filtering light has never been easier than it is now with this automated solution. Go ahead and choose the beauty of these blinds for your house.


Imagine a motorized solution that’s quiet and doesn’t get in the way of what you are doing inside. If that is the goal, these motorized blinds are going to bring a smile to your face. There is never a good reason to go with a loud option, and these will be able to handle their own.

They are going to remain quiet while the movement takes place as the motor generates great power with a low audible output.

Enjoy the pleasure of being inside without having to deal with the noise of a loud motor.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The visual pleasure of seamless motorized blinds cannot be matched. It’s important to soak in the beauty of these blinds when they’re put into place. They will settle in pleasantly with the rest of the room and ensure light filters in as desired.

Pick and choose how the blinds work and feel in control at all times.

The days of manual solutions might be in the past when these blinds are put to the test. They can handle the rigors of daily use without fraying or losing their quality. This is the ultimate option for property owners wanting a world-class solution to their problem.

There was a time where motorized blinds were looked down upon as a frivolous option and one without meaning. However, those days are well in the past with modern motorized blinds being a fantastic solution. Property owners can install these blinds and watch them work seamlessly in all situations.

Stop going with regular blinds and trust these world-class products when they’re put to use. They will work well and continue to motor along while nestling into the background. This is the best solution on the market for property owners!

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Solar Blinds Make for More Comfortable Homes

Solar Blinds for Comfortable Homes - Monmouth Blinds
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  • August 23, 2017 | News

Window treatments can have a significant impact on the level of comfort inside a room

A room that has a lot of glass windows can be well-lit and well ventilated, but at the same time the glass can heat up and lead to increasing temperatures inside a room. This heating can add to the load on any installed air conditioning.

 Window treatments need to keep looks, style, comfort, utility and cost into consideration

Solar blinds can make for an alternative that is very suitable for modern homes. They come in many colors and styles, are easy to maintain and convenient to use. The main advantage of these blinds comes from the fact that they reduce the glare from the sun by almost 98%. They also block almost all the ultra-violet rays from the sun, which we all know are very dangerous. The rooms fitted with solar blinds will be cool and comfortable in summers, while in winters they will retain heat and make a room warm. This action throughout the year can help in saving utility bills for cooling and heating.

Solar blinds must be of the size of the inner area of windows and are best fixed within the window frame, though some people may prefer to fix them on the outside. Frames fitted on the outside can be that much more awkward to clean and maintain. Make sure that blinds are just a bit longer than the length of a window. You can get solar blinds that are motorized though these can add to the expense. Go in for this luxury only if you can afford it, as manual blinds are very easy to operate.

Traditional blinds can shut out the sun, but often also shut out the view outside the window

Solar shades can keep out the rays from the sun but will keep the view. You can get shades with a various degree of opaqueness and even the darkest of these will still allow you to see what is outside. Solar blinds fitted on the outside of a window can prevent the sun from even touching the glass and causing it to heat up and can, therefore, be considered more energy efficient. Solar blinds are made from plastic materials that are fairly high technology. This material acts like sunglasses do and can cut out the glare completely.

Some solar blinds can also have solar panels that can generate electricity and help you to reduce your power bills. These blinds can even be fitted with sensors that allow the blinds to automatically track the sun so that the blinds are always at right angles to the sun’s rays and will produce the optimum amount of electricity. A 10 square foot of window space can generate enough power to light up 30 light bulbs. You can get these blinds that are fitted with plug points that enable you to tap into the electricity that is generated.

These solar blinds look just like the traditional blinds but are covered with photo-voltaic modules that generate electricity.

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Should You Buy Aluminum Or Vinyl Mini Blinds?

Should You Buy Aluminum Or Vinyl Mini Blinds
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  • August 19, 2017 | News

When it comes to window coverings, mini blinds are an incredibly versatile option.

Not only do they provide privacy but they also allow you to precisely control the amount of light that is coming into the room. All that you have to do to allow more light in is to adjust the angle of the slats. This versatility makes them a great choice for any room in your home.

Typically, mini blinds are either made from aluminum or vinyl. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. When deciding which type of blinds you want to purchase, it is important to carefully think about how they will function in your home. The following section provides a closer look at how these two materials compare to one another so that you can make a well-informed decision.

1. Opacity

In general, blinds with aluminum slats are more opaque than those with vinyl slats. Vinyl blinds tend to be semi-translucent, allowing a small amount of light through even when they are completely closed. If you are buying standard blinds for a bedroom or for another room where it is important to be able to block out as much light as possible, aluminum blinds are probably the best choice. Of course, if you are willing to spend a little bit more money, you can buy blackout blinds that use heavy-duty vinyl slats to create total darkness in the room. The only downside to these special room-darkening blinds is that they tend to be more expensive than standard blinds.

2. Durability

Aluminum blinds have a tendency to get bent quite easily. This can result in unattractive kinks in the metal. Vinyl blinds, on the other hand, tend to bounce back a bit more readily if they happen to get bent. Most vinyl blinds also come with replacement slats that can be used to repair any slats that get damaged.

3. Longevity

For the most part, aluminum blinds tend to last longer than vinyl blinds. Vinyl has a tendency to get brittle over time. This can cause the slats to crack or break after quite a few years of exposure to the sunlight. The sun can also cause the color of the vinyl blinds to fade over time. Aluminum blinds, on the other hand, are usually painted with light-fast paint that won’t fade as much when it is exposed to light. Because of that, aluminum blinds are generally considered to be the longest lasting option for mini blinds. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap blinds, it won’t matter if they are made of vinyl or aluminum, simply because the blind hardware is likely to wear out before the slats. It is worth investing in a high-quality set of blinds so that the hardware lasts as long as the blinds themselves.

Aluminum and vinyl mini blinds both have advantages and disadvantages.

By educating yourself about the pros and cons of each option, you can decide which blinds are the best choice for your home and for the way that you live your life.

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