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Windows are necessary for any construction that acts as a living or working space so that it can allow the required light and ventilation that can make that space that much more usable. Weather and light conditions are constantly changing and in order to have some control on this, window blinds were invented. Window blinds have been around for centuries.The Chinese made them out of bamboo slats, while the Persians covered their windows with wet cloths. The Europeans who traded with these countries borrowed the ideas and Paris was one of the first European cities to adopt this form of window covering. Modern window treatments with newer and stronger materials started in the 18th century and led to blinds for windows becoming a common feature in all homes and other buildings.

The primary function of blinds is to help in privacy and not allow outsiders to peep into a living area. They can also help to control the external light coming into a room and can also help to keep in warmth or keep out the heat. Our Monmouth window coverings have become an accessory for homes that is considered essential as the need for privacy and control of light has remained unchanged. There has been a lot of improvement in technology that has made blinds for windows more functional and decorative.

Custom Window Treatments & Blinds in Monmouth County

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Custom window treatments of Monmouth County can add an elegance to living areas that may otherwise be bland. At the same time, these custom blinds can be designed to perform particular functions that suit the lifestyle of the occupants of that home. Blinds for windows can be of the panel type, rollers, horizontal or vertical.

They are also categorized as Roman or Venetian. All these styles are interchangeable and window coverings can be designed to the interior decor and preferences of the homeowners. Roman blinds are window blinds that are made from fabric and they can either be raised or folded so that more light and ventilation is let into a room. The blind can stack neatly when it is folded up, an action that can be carried out by operating a cord or chain. When lowered, the blind acts as a single panel of fabric that can give the required privacy and insulation from outside weather. Roller blinds are made of a single piece of the right fabric and as indicated by their name, are rolled up over a rod. This action can be carried out with a chain or even a spring that has been pre-loaded. The rod in modern day blinds is generally made from aluminum that is quite light in weight. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats made of vinyl, aluminum or wood. In most of these blinds, the slat can rotate and be set at an angle so that it becomes possible to control the light and ventilation that comes into a room.

Vertical or louver blinds are similar to Venetian blinds but have slats that hang vertically. They can even be made from fabric. These form of blinds are ideal for larger windows and doors. Blinds can even be mounted on tracks and act as panel blinds that can even be used to create temporary partitions in a room.

Different Types & Styles of Blinds Available in Monmouth County NJ

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  • vertical blinds
  • blackout blinds
  • bamboo blinds
  • wooden blinds
  • venetian blinds
  • mini blinds
  • roman blinds
  • cordless blinds
  • solar blinds
  • motorized blinds
  • plantation blinds
  • roller blinds
  • cellular blinds
  • skylight blinds
  • patio blinds
  • remote control blinds
  • roll up blinds
  • automatic blinds
  • electric blinds
  • room darkening blinds
  • matchstick blinds
  • porch blinds
  • horizontal blinds
  • roll blinds
  • vinyl blinds
  • bamboo roll up blinds
  • fabric blinds
  • black blinds
  • panel track blinds
  • paper blinds
  • door blinds
  • sliding door blinds
  • patio door blinds
  • sliding glass door blinds
  • french door blinds
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